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Autor Thema: EVEMon released  (Gelesen 1542 mal)

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EVEMon released
« am: 01. Oktober 2011, 19:19:24 »
Am Donnerstag wurde EVEMon 1.5.03097 mit folgenden Änderungen veröffentlicht:

== New Features ==

 * EVEMon now shows a notification about claimable certificates.
 * EVEMon now shows info about character's security status, active ship and location.
 * EVEMon now has a character standings monitor.
 * EVEMon now gives the ability to clear its cache.
 * EVEMon now has the ability for a plan wide description.
 * EVEMon now supports only CAK (Customizable API Key).
 * EVEMon can now save and restore a character's plans.

== Bug Fixes ==

 * Fixed a visual bug where the completion date time in the Overview was calculated in UTC for the conflict coloring.
 * Fixed a visual bug where the ampersand ('&') symbol was not shown in the Item browser for the items header.
 * Fixed an issue with ampersand symbol in toolstrips.
 * Fixed an issue where the amount of the output units of a blueprint in manufacturing for some Tech 2 items where wrong.
 * Fixed a visual bug where traces where drawn when an expandable panel collapse.
 * Fixed a bug in Skill browser where the info for a selected skill that is in training wasn't updated every 30 sec.
 * Fixed a bug where a drag and dropped skill level, from the hosted skill selector in the plan, was always placed at the bottom of the plan.
 * Fixed a calculation and visual bug in Attribute Optimizer when setting remapping points and choose to optimize them (first selection).
 * Fixed a bug in CSV exportation of an item where number values where wrongly formatted for cultures other than similar to English.
 * Fixed a visual bug where the tooltip for an implant in Implant Groups window was getting misplaced on first show.
 * Fixed an issue where the application title wasn't shown in the tray icon after a mouse hovering.
 * Fixed coloring issues in EVE mail messages text.
 * Fixed a visual bug where skill queue info were not updated for an overview item if that item had previously no skill queue.
 * Fixed a crash bug when importing pre-EVEMon 1.3.0 settings with no implant sets.
 * Fixed a crash bug when mail body text is empty.
 * Fixed a visual bug where a character's balance stayed colored after disabling market orders monitoring (color will change after a character sheet update).
== Enhancements ==

 * When adding a custom API provider, calls URL's will be preset to default.
 * "Queries Updater" button will be enabled when really necessary.
 * You can import a character's skill queue into MSOutlook or Google calendar.
 * Reprocessing info are now available for each ship and item.
 * A planned skill will now be shown with the proper icon in the Certificate browser.
 * Selected items in Skill and Certificate browsers will now be remembered after updating. Improved image handling for 'Safe for work' setting.
 * Mineral Worksheet is now 'Safe for Work'.
 * EVEMon will now start faster and possible resolved an issue with various AV and IS programs that prevented EVEMon from writing to local disk.
 * You can now export to CSV (by right-click) the list of each blueprint browser item activity.
 * You can now copy text from an EVE mail message and navigate to links.
 * A tooltip is shown when hovering over a link in an EVE mail message, informing about the address the link leads to
         (implemented for security reasons - always look at the address before clicking on a link).
 * The Overview tab will always be shown on EVEMon startup if it's the first.
 * EFT Loadout Importation window is now aware of the selected plan in case you change the plan while this window is open.
        However, the ability of having multiple instances of the window got disabled. Never the less, you can have an active window with each open Planner window.
 * Prevents EVEMon from constantly querying the API due to CCP's API bug with the 'cachedUntil' timer.
 * Links related to EVE in EVE mail messages will open in EVEGate. Also you can open a mail message in EVE Gate for reading, replying, forwarding.
 * Improved the way EVE mail message window opens on double clicking.
 * You can now choose which API keys to monitor. API keys management is now more descriptive.
 * 'Skill Completion' and 'Claimable Certificates' windows no longer can be minimized or maximized.
 * Characters skill group info in skill list has been made more readable. Headers have now a pseudo-3D look.
== Misc ==

 * Several improvements have been done to the base code to make EVEMon a better application.

Download über den internen Updater oder über:

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