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Autor Thema: EVEMon released  (Gelesen 2141 mal)

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EVEMon released
« am: 03. August 2010, 18:26:40 »
Es gibt mal wieder ein neues EVEMon Update welches entweder über den internen Updater oder von hier:


herunter geladen werden kann. Hier noch die Änderungen dieser Version

Breaking Changes
 * If you have customized the Automatic Relocation frequency, you will need to re-enter the frequency.
 * If you have configured indentation of the popup, you will need to reconfigure this setting.

Contributors so far
 * Jimi
 * Johnbot
 * Niom
 * Richard Slater

New Features
 * A default monitor can be selected using the Automatic Relocator.
 * Better support for mouse actions (double click and right click) in the Certificate Browser.
 * Enables the "Optimize learning skills order..." if a learning skill is in the plan.
 * Increased contrast mode for the system tray popup, configurable in the options.
 * Handling of Obsolete Plan Entries can now be configured.
 * A fitting attribute has been added to the Drone and Item browsers.
 * You can now move a skill to the top of the skill plan.
 * Corporation orders have been added to EVEMon.
 * Low wallet balance warning.
 * New market summary panel.
 * Blueprint Browser has been added.
 * Now using CCPEVE.showMarketDetails() JavaScript in shopping lists.
 * Using the Roman word Nulla rather than the word none when representing 0 as a Roman numeral.
 * EVEMon will now auto-restart after a data-update has been installed.
 * Industry job monitor has been added.
 * Individual Full API features can be disabled to conserve screen space and resources.

 * Fixes sorting in the market panel.
 * Fixes infinite loop for autorelocate feature when set to 60 sec.
 * The skills scroll bar will no longer get stuck on screen.
 * The date in the BattleClinic loadout browser is improved.
 * The close cross on notifications will no longer take a hike off the right hand side of the window.
 * Trainable icon added to the required skills control to bring the design in line with EVE icons.
 * API Methods that return errors if requests are made inside the cache time will no longer be checked during a forced update.
 * The remapping entries in the Skill Plan UI has been tidied up.
 * Minutes will be shown when training time is less than one hour; Seconds will be shown when training time is less than one minute.
 * An errant notification will no longer be shown when changing the IGB port.
 * EVEMon will no longer crash if you press F2 in the planner and no skill is selected.
 * Prerequesite marks are now reset even when selecting a remapping point.
 * A better calculation is made when skills are selected and have preceding learning skills.
 * EVEMon will no longer crash when dragging a skill by its icon.
 * Unnessecary messages when account not associated with character will no longer be shown.
 * G15 will no longer start if system is not detected as WindowsNT.
 * Rearranged Settings UI to better support Resetting CustomMsgBoxes.
 * EVEMon will no longer crash trying to load Segoe UI.
 * EVEMon will no longer crash when an unknown skill is in the Character Sheet.
 * Group filter in item browser will now filter out the selected items.
 * XML Export will now contain known but untrained (injected) skills.
 * Scroll bar in Overview will no longer paint incorrectly when the EVEMon is minimised and restored.
 * Mineral Worksheet will no longer relocate when prices are updated.
 * The skill queue will hopefully not paint over other windows (possibly).
 * Update manager will now check for updates every 2 hours.
 * EVEMon Auto-Update will no longer get into an infinite loop when the download fails.
 * The following date will no longer be selected when clicking a day in the scheduler.
 * Scheduled events will no longer exceed their bounds.
 * EVEMon will no longer wake Tonto Auri up at 2AM.
 * The plan editor list will not flicker as much.
 * The filter drop downs will no longer be hidden when resizing.
 * EVEMon will now delete the temp files it creates.
 * Prevent a skill from being stored as a Level 6.
 * Clicking on a skill cell in skill browser when scroll bar has been moved will point to the correct skill.
 * EVEMon will no longer crash when double-clicking in the certification browser.
 * EVEMon will no longer crash in market orders.
 * Fixed a memory leak caused by switching tabs.
 * Reduced EVEMon's processor utilization by re-factoring several parts of the main window UI.
 * The IGB will no longer respond to HTTP CONNECT and other unsupported requests.
 * EVEMon will no longer crash if it is unable to download the Conquerable Station XML.
 * Several bugs in the scheduler have had their end time set to a time in the past.
 * Collapse All will no longer be displayed erroneously after toggling the Owns Book button.
 * Old industry jobs will no longer get stuck.
 * Market browser expiry will now be shown in local time.
 * Fixed potential problem with window relocation.
 * Fixed an update bug in the overview.
 * Short times will follow the users preference.
 * EVEMon will no longer trigger a double no characters in training popup at startup.
 * Users preference will now be used when encountering a priorities conflict.
 * EVEMon will no longer crash when using tool tips and non API characters.
We don't stop playing because we grow old...We grow old because we stop playing!!!

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