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Autor Thema: EVE Gate 1.0.1  (Gelesen 2368 mal)

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EVE Gate 1.0.1
« am: 11. Juni 2010, 08:06:09 »
Wen es Interessiert, EVEGate hat gestern ein Update auf 1.0.1 bekommen. Änderungen gibt es einige:

# Javascript pop-ups will not appear when viewing a calendar event with newly accepted invitations.
# Members of the same NPC corporation are no longer able to see each other's broadcasts under the default settings.
# You can now successfully rename mail labels.
# Text formatting (bold, italic, underlined, etc) is no longer incorrectly considered “malicious HTML” in Chrome, Safari, and Opera. Mails with this kind of formatting will now be sent correctly.
# The “remember me” option on login now correctly persists your login.
# After encountering an error when composing a mail, the text in the mail is no longer deleted.
# You can now post broadcast comments that include HTML tags.
# Editing a contact on the Contacts page in EVE Gate no longer incorrectly adds or removes them from the Watchlist.
# Fixed skill queue and display of skill list with queued items in it. Also fixed the remaining times on top of character sheet page.
# After deleting an invitee from an event and re-inviting the same invitee, the invitee will see the event in their calendar.
# Italics correctly display in sent mail in both the client and EVE Gate.
# The Send button functions correctly after rejecting the CSPA fee when sending a mail.
# Events in the calendar will open with a single click.
# The Calendar tooltip now has response options.
# When composing a mail, the filter in the Add Recipient window now works.
# You can now add your own corporation as a contact in EVE Gate without an error occurring.
# The calendar now correctly defaults to the next valid hour, based on the time shown in EVE Gate.
# The breadcrumb link when the user is on the calendar screen now reads: Calendar > Event Calendar.
# After deleting a mail in EVE Gate, you can no longer read it by knowing the ID.
# After logging out, logging into EVE Gate with a different account no longer auto-selects a character. Logging back into EVE Gate with the same account results in the last character you selected being auto-selected.
# Mail labels are now correctly HTML encoded.
# The page will no longer refresh on failed event creation and the debug javascript pop-up on failed event creation will no longer appear.
# Links for ship fittings sent in EVE Mail will now link to the correct EVElopedia page for ship type.
# You will no longer able to accidentally create multiple events with one creation form.
# You cannot edit the participant list of a corporation/alliance event. An error message will be returned if you attempt to do so.
# Really long mailing list names don't have overflow text when using the Add Recipient window.
# You can successfully select a character with a period at the end of their name to enter EVE Gate.
# You now get the option to create corporation events for player corps in faction warfare militias.
# The member count on the corporation profile page in EVE Gate is correctly updated when a character either joins or leaves the corporation.
# The add recipient button (+ at right of mail) will only work once. Selecting the same name will have no further effect.
# Hitting Enter to confirm a new label name now correctly applies the new label name.
# Removed unnecessary bullet point from compose mail error messages.
# Fixed inconsistent punctuation in Edit Contact Standing dialog.
# After checking the "check all" checkbox, if you uncheck any of the selected ones, the "check all" checkbox will now correctly be unchecked.
# When a search returns no results, the page will correctly display "no results for your query: <text>."
# When composing a mail the previous page/next page in the Add Recipients window is grayed out when there is only one page of contacts.
# Fixed incorrect info message when selecting “mark as unread” with no mail items checked.
# Fixed an incorrect tooltip in the background with an info dialog window open on the Contacts and Mail pages.
# The popup dialog will no longer show a confusing "loading" cursor when the cursor is outside the dialog window.
# Corporation broadcast feed will now update a lot faster.
# You can now use the "<" and ">" characters within EVE Gate mails.

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