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Autor Thema: EVEMon released  (Gelesen 1803 mal)

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EVEMon released
« am: 16. März 2010, 19:27:50 »
Seit letzter Woche ist die EVEMon Version mit diesen Änderungen erhältlich:

Breaking Changes

 * If you use Proxy Authentication you will have to re-enter the port number.


 * aliceturing

 * Arengor

 * Jimi

 * CyberTech

 * Kingdud

 * NetMage

 * mexx24

 * Richard Slater

 * The_Assimilator

New Features

 * Searching in skills will now search the skill name and description.

 * An optimization was made to release memory used by plan names.

 * An optimization was made to reduce the amount of memory EVEMon holds after the popup window has closed.

 * EVEMon will no longer display "D:\EVEMon\" in Crash Reports.

 * EVEMon will no longer update the main window when it is not visible.

 * Some refactoring of percentage calculations was done to support the DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself) principal.

 * Multiple skill completions will now be merged together.

 * EVEMon will now include information about the status of the skill queue when sending notifications by e-mail.

 * New "EVE Like" icons have been added to menus and buttons.

 * Added information about the skill queue to e-mail notifications.

 * Updated Google DLLs to latest version (

 * Improved support for "Large Fonts".

 * All characters loaded into EVEMon can now access all other characters via the In Game Browser.

 * Show Skill in Explorer menu item added to Main Window skill lists.

 * New Automatic Window Relocation functionality added.

 * Added option to return Planner status bar to pre 1.3.0 operation.

 * "Create Sub-Plan..." is now named "Copy selected skills to new plan..." the phrase "Sub-Plan" was confusing.

 * Relocator changes (Auto-relocate returns, Borders are now removed, relocate any EVE window that fits any screen.)

 * The IGB Server now offers a "Mark skill as owned" link in the shopping list.

 * EFT format has been added to the selection of export formats, the export as after plan has returned to EVEMon.

 * The planner now has a colour key.

 * Relocator menu added in tray icon's right click menu.

 * The System Tray tooltip can now be disabled.

 * Update is now more robust, MD5s are checked against patch.xml after download, EVEMon will retry three times.

 * An implant set can now be selected from the Plan Editor it will be applied to that patch.

 * Inactive market orders are hidden by default.

 * Notes are now included in print outs.

 * The Relocator now supports multiple screens of the same resolution.

 * Reordering of the overview based upon currently training characters can be be disabled from the Settings.

 * Title bar text will dynamically adapt based upon the quantity of text to display.

 * The time till next update is now displayed in the update menu.

 * Support for EVE Metrics Data has been included in the Mineral Browser.

 * Ability to select priority when adding skills has been restored to EVEMon.

 * Skill training logic has been improved.

 * Adds EVETime and Wallet Balance to G15 Display.

 * EVEMon now supports Outposts and Conquerable stations.

 * Adds a Certificate Recommendation panel to the Ship Browser.

 * A link to the EVEMon UserVoice forum has been added to the Help Menu.


 * EVEMon will now start faster, however characters may not update for a few seconds after the window displays.

 * An issue where text is not displayed in the main window under Windows 2000 has been resolved.

 * EVEMon will no longer crash when Edit or Delete are clicked in Account Management and no character is selected.

 * EVEMon will no longer crash when a duplicate account is imported from 1.2.8.

 * Large fonts are now better supported by the popup window.

 * Accounts management window will flicker less when grouping and un-grouping characters.

 * EVEMon will no longer crash if a limited API key is provided.

 * When exporting skills in BB format, level 0 skills will no longer be included.

 * The overview will now update at startup.

 * Proxy Authentication settings are now saved correctly.

 * EVEMon will no longer crash if there are invalid entries in a plan.

 * EVEMon will now consider a low CPU Usage, PG Usage or Volume better than a higher value.

 * EVEMon will fall back to trying to ping Google if it is unable to automatically detect the network status.

 * An issue that would incorrectly indicate one attribute was better than another in the ship comparison screen has been resolved.

 * EVEMon will no longer crash in the skill browser if you double click when nothing is selected.

 * EVEMon will no longer crash if the user does not have access to update the registry when selecting "Load at startup".

 * When a plan is deleted another plan will be automatically selected.

 * Non-default damage types will no longer be hidden from the ship browser.

 * Network detection will fall back to pinging Google if the .NET methods throw an exception.

 * Updated API link in "Manage Accounts".

 * Small updates to G15 to add basic support for the skill queue.

 * EVEMon can now import plans from 1.2.8 and BattleClinic again.

 * Errors will no longer be truncated in the API Error window.

 * EVEMon better support Large Fonts in all windows.

 * Messages will no longer overflow in the Account Management window.

 * The the text in the planner window status bar will no longer vanish.

 * Prerequisites will now be added to imported plans if they are not included in the file and required by the character.

 * Switched Market orders item reference from item name to item ID.

 * EVEMon now has less of a problem loading 1.2.8 era data files.

 * The Remove option is no longer missing in some "Plan To" menus.

 * Some list box glitches have been fixed.

 * EVEMon will no longer run out of temporary files.

 * The G15 will now update correctly when resuming from standby.

 * Free room timer on the overview will update correctly.

 * The plan window has been refactored to speed up refresh and load times.

 * The popup menu have been given a noticeable speed boost.

 * EVEMon will no longer crash when an item is double clicked but there is no plan window available.

 * TreeNode selection when something is selected outside the browser has been improved.

 * EVEMon will no longer crash when an expired account is displayed in the popup.

 * A rounding error has been fixed in the module browser.

 * Fixed bug in E-mail settings that would not use the updated details to send the test mail.

 * EVENon will no longer crash when a character without a skill queue has planned items.

 * IGB settings now displays the correct URL.

 * EVEMon will no longer crash if the implant window or attribute optimizer is open when EVEMon is closed.

 * Some Red/Green markings in comparison were the wrong way round, that has been changed.

 * EVEMon will no longer display a REALLY big number in the throbber menu if you are using an limited API Key.

 * Users can now update their character portraits from the EVE Cache again.

 * HTML Tags will no longer be displayed in descriptions.

 * EVEMon will no longer crash when right clicking the throbber when a character is not associated with an account.

 * EVEMon will no longer crash if VC90 Debug CRTs are not installed.

 * A bug where switching training between paused characters on the same account would be missed by EVEMon has been fixed.

 * Datafile updates will no longer be offered multiple times.

 * Corrected spelling and grammar errors in the Settings Window. Move the "About" menu item to the bottom of the "Help" menu.

 * Improved the way the status bar in the skill planner is drawn.

Den Download gibt es wie immer entweder über den internen Updater oder über die EVEMon Homepage:

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