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Autor Thema: EVEMon released  (Gelesen 2308 mal)

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EVEMon released
« am: 06. Januar 2010, 00:53:43 »
Seit Gestern ist die EVEMon Version mit diesen Änderungen erhältlich:

Breaking changes:

 * Some exportation formats (EMP and XML plans) changed and cannot be read by older versions. However, EMP and XML plans generated by previous versions can still be imported in this new release.

 * Most of the settings stored by previous versions won't be imported in this release : only characters, plans, and API credentials will be.


 * Aevum Decessus

 * Arengor

 * ctlajoie

 * DonQuiche

 * Jimi

 * mexx24

 * Richard Slater

 * Shub

 * Stafen

 * Zofu

New Features:

 * The attribute optimizer now allows you to remap attributes manually (Pre-Foundations).

 * EVEMon overcame many changes to clean up, comment out and refactor the source code. It should make our task easier and, hopefully, encourage more potential contributors to join us while producing a better code.

 * Better support for characters imported from files and urls.

 * The properties display in the items and ships browser have been enhanced.

 * Revamped accounts management UI.

 * Revamped implants management window.

 * Remapping points can now be double-clicked to open a manual edition window.

 * The "Known problems" and "bug reports" links now point the user to the new wiki, providing a better support for common problems.

 * New "claimable" filter added to the certificates browser.

 * The columns on the skill planner are now three-state ones to prevent people wasting their plan order because of a misclick.

 * Added contextual menus in many places on the skill planner, along with other small UI enhancements.

 * Revamped "About" window to better display external contributions and special credentials.

 * Improved "plan to" : when this command requires to lower a level with dependencies, no more silently fails and prompts the user.

 * When removing entries, the UI offering to remove useless prerequisites is revamped and display those prerequisites.

 * Skill queue !

 * Plans columns are now shared across plans. Previously, they were specific to every plan.

 * EVEMon now has an unified notification system. Nicer, more customizable, reusable for future improvements.

 * We trimmed down memory use, especially when the G15 display is enabled (and CPU consumption for the G15 also).

 * Reworked settings UI. Hopefully less confusing and with an apply feature.

 * The overview is now customizable.

 * The automatic relocation has been replaced by a manual menu which covers all possible cases flawlessly.

 * Windows Seven specific support, especially a "close to traybar" behavior.

 * More items can be seen in the items browser and ships' groups now match the market groups when relevant.

 * Market orders monitoring.

 * EVEMon now generates a trace file (located in %APPDATA%\EVEMon).

 * Length and time of finish is now displayed above skill queue if there is more than one skill in the queue.

 * New options added in settings for showing prereq-met skills and highlighting partially trained and queued skills.

 * More informative text added in Planner for not known skill books.

 * Tooltip notification messages gets a better associating text.

 * EVEMon gets new icons injected.

 * Range and Escrow are added as choices of columns. Hiding inactive orders and changing number formats added. Added more choices in "Group by...".

 * Introducing new market orders state, "Modified orders". Modified orders get highlighted.

 * Color indicator of the queued skill level. Addition info on skill group header about queued skills in group.

 * Introducing blinking indicator for the skill level in training.

 * Skill Queue list monitoring.

 * Notification function when skill queue is less than 24h.

 * EFT Fittings will now be automatically pasted into the EFT Import window.

 * Dominion 1.0.3 Data is included with 1.3.0.

 * Added "Don't show this message again" style message boxes.

 * A data file report is provided when EVEMon crashes.

 * Datafiles now include the culture they were generated for, allowing for future globalization.


 * Plans are no longer automatically sorted on load.

 * Potential fix for invisible tooltip windows.

 * An insufficient clone will no longer hide the skill header.

 * The "Toggle All" will now collapse all skills every time.

 * The links in the crash window have been switched to use the new BattleClinic wiki.

 * EVEMon will no longer crash when hovering over the tray icon.

 * EFT Loadout import names will no longer include the closing bracket.

 * EVEMon won't crash anymore when a XML character has the same name then one imported though the API.

 * EVEMon now correctly acknowledges the change when the user enables/disables the automatic updates.

 * EVEMon now always take correct API credentials into account.

 * Transferring characters between accounts won't cause problems anymore.

 * Also fix a similar problem when a character is removed from one account and recreated with the same name on another one.

 * Removing characters from EVEMon won't cause problems anymore and the settings file won't remember them anymore.

 * Fixes a rare crash occurring when the user was updating its credentials.

 * Fixes a rare crash occurring when opening a plan, due to names confusion.

 * The algorithm for plan's suggestions now does a correct job and also takes into account the possible benefits for what it just suggested.

 * The overview items are correctly updated when a skill training finishes.

 * On the overview, the completion time label's color is now correctly updated.

 * The overview's tab position is now persisted.

 * The status bar in the skill planner is now correct when remapping points are set.

 * Fixed some edge cases with plan sorting which was causing a wrong sort order.

 * Fixes a rare crash occurring when attempting to download an item's or ship's image.

 * All windows now have the new icon.

 * SP/Hour displayed in the skill planner now takes the noobs bonus into account.

 * The exportation formats for plans now include remapping points.

 * Some skills untrainable on trial accounts weren't correctly filtered by the relevant option in the skills browser.

 * Removed deprecated settings and fixed the behaviour of some combo boxes on the settings window.

 * Elite-granted certificates won't be displayed anymore in the certs browser with the "time to..." sorting options.

 * EVEMon won't crash anymore when it encounters skills and certificates added to the game but not yet in its datafiles.

 * Fixes a bug in the plans manager where the move up/move down buttons were not working correctly after a sort.

 * Getting errors or using "cached" characters won't make the error box prevent you to see your skills.

 * Fixes a problem with drag'n drop when the main window's tab control has multiple lines.

 * Fixes duplicated percentages being carried down a plan column.

 * Fixes crash on skill completion when G15 Enabled.

 * Fractional sp/hour will now be rounded up.

 * sp/hour should be the same across the application now.

 * EVEMon will no longer crash if BattleClinic doesn't return any loadouts.

 * When a skill level is lowered it will now only be lowered by the amount the user selects.

 * The ship loadout window now shows the correct number of loadouts and uses nicer text for slots, drones and ammo.

 * Overview buttons now graphically behave more like Windows buttons when pressed.

 * The main window list box should flicker less.

 * Non-public trained skills now are shown in Character Sheet.

 * Ships and Items stats are now shown in the correct format.

 * Text in tray icon tooltip get not truncated. Width adjusts to maximum text length.

 * Mark as owned/unowned get now switched and shown correctly in Planner. Owns book selection switch updates skill browser immediately.

 * Skill & Certificate browser navigation system got fixed.

 * ResetToDefault no longer crashes EVEMon. Columns Settings get saved.

 * Any changes made to the order or the width of the columns in market orders page gets saved.

 * Old modified orders no longer show in market orders page.

 * Fixes problematic skill info for Non-Public skills in skill page. Skill info before updating from CCP are now shown correct (Side fix).

 * Fixed Crash on "Update Calendar".

 * Market Orders "Group By..." selection gets saved for each character independently.

 * Fixes the Market Orders Window Notifications crash issue.

 * New implant set get now saved in implant groups module.

 * Restore settings now restores new and old settings.

 * Priorities now works as expected.

 * Overview tab is now positioned correctly at startup.

 * "1." will no longer be prepended to a schedule entry that is 24 hours long.

 * EVEMon will no auto-update to the same location as the version of EVEMon that triggered the update.

 * EVEMon takes a guess at a reasonable skill plan name when importing.

 * Added some additional error handling round the error handler, hopefully we will catch a few more crashes.

 * EVEMon will no longer crash when selecting skills that have themselves as pre-requisites.

 * Loadout browser will sort by the actual date not the string representation of the date.

 * The skill selector in the plan window will no longer reset each time you change tabs.

 * All datafiles have been renamed to avoid collisions with 1.2.8 data files.

 * The CPU/PG filters work as expected.

 * Avoided NullPointerException in when server status is disabled while a popup is visible.
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