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EVEMon released
« am: 19. Juni 2009, 14:50:16 »
Seit Mittwoch ist die EVEMon Version mit diesen Änderungen erhältlich:

Release 1.2.8

                      New Features
 * Schedule entries that use EVT now display both EVT and Local Time.
 * SubSystems are now supported by the Loadout Browser.
 * Ship and Item data (including comparisons) can now be exported as CSV.
 * EVEMon now has a new icon.
 * The Attribute optimizer has been re-worked to support multiple re-maps in one plan.
 * Current clone now displayed with each character, a warning icon is displayed if the clone is insufficient.
 * Sort by skill rank added to sort options in the Skill Planner.
 * Filter by Trainable on trial account added to the Skill Planner.
 * Sorting in the skills browser has been optimized.
 * Plans are now sorted by clicking columns, giving the user more options and better usability.
 * EVEMon will provide better feedback when an API Error occurs.
 * The crash box now points the user to the KnownProblems page on the Wiki.
 * Characters' pages now display informations about clones and a warning when their capacity is exceeded.
 * A character overview is now available.
 * EVEMon now supports Certificates.
 * An EFT import facility has been added.
 * The windows relocator now will only reposition an EVE window that fits the screen, additional settings have been added for those with multiple screens.
 * The certificates window now displays ship recommendations.

 * API URLs will no longer have double slashes.
 * EVEMon will no longer crash when setting portrait folder on a system that doesn't have EVE installed.
 * EVEMon will no longer re-locate any window named "EVE".
 * The Mineral Worksheet will no longer freeze when mineral prices are fetched over a slow connection.
 * The crashes occuring because of G15 support and the EVE's window relocation have been fixed.
 * The Implant Calculator preview feature now takes the sub-1.6m SP bonus into account.
 * When sorting plans, the learning skills order should be really optimal now.
 * The Plan Group context menu is now re-sized correctly.
 * Skill's "plan to" combo box on the skills browser is now updated when selecting another plan.
 * We started the long process of making EVEMon resorts to the default font when Arial or Tahoma are not present.
 * MacOS users (through Wine) now have a compatibility mode in the options. It fixes the missing toolbar in plans.
 * EVEMon will no longer corrupt the settings under certain conditions.
 * The "Skill Enables" window will no longer open underneath the planner window.
 * EVEMon will no longer crash on quitting. (We hope)
 * A crash related to the new Overview and G15 support has been fixes.
 * EVEMon now handles file exceptions more gracefully.
 * EVEMon will no longer crash when a character has an unpublished/untrained skill in a character sheet.
 * A right click on the skills list box or items tree view will now select an item in the same way as a left click.
 * The correct certificate description will be displayed in the event if no certificate of the same class is selected.
 * The column heading in item/ship comparison mode will display more useful text.
 * Ship loadout URL's updated to function with BattleClinic? re-design.
 * BattleClinic? mineral parser updated to match new BattleClinic? domain/directory layout.
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Download entweder über den internen Updater, über die Homepage:


oder über unserer Downloaddatenbank...
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